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Our Services

Small Business Advisory

This service provides financial management advice to local businesses that need this service but not on a full time basis. The integration of personal and business decisions is increasingly important in a closely held business. Fees are billed hourly for this service.

Investment Planning / Financial Advice

This in-depth analysis reviews, evaluates, and suggests strategies to help accomplish client goals and objectives in the areas of risk management, retirement, estate planning, and tax planning. The fee for this service is on an annual basis, paid quarterly, and includes any meetings, communications, updates and revisions within the scope of defined services.

Tax Planning

The preparation of forms and the filing of documents is just the culmination of tax planning. The facts and numbers that go into various reports can produce valuable insights about your business and personal affairs. These insights can help us to help you make better choices and decisions with respect to your personal situation.

Life, Health and Disability Insurance

Our licensed staff members are currently appointed with over 15 insurance companies providing Life, Health, Disability and Long Term Care insurance as well as Fixed Rate Annuities. We constantly review the market place to provide the highest quality coverage at reasonable premiums.

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds *

Karl and Guy are both securities licensed in various states. We are able to assist our clients with the purchase of most investments including Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Variable Annuities. For those persons inquiring from states where our staff is not currently licensed, they will not transact business in any other state or provide follow-up or individual responses, until after they obtain the appropriate securities registration in the applicable state.

Estate Planning

Our goals in assisting clients with their estate planning is for the client to be certain that the wills, trusts, and other documents are properly drafted in a manner that accurately reflects client goals and desires. Finally, it is critically important to ensure that each client understands the practical implications of how these legal documents operate when an event (death, incapacity, or disability) puts them in motion.

Retirement Planning

All too often clients state that they want to retire at age "55" or "60". It is important to understand that retirement (we prefer the term financial independence) is a function of money, not age. Our desire is to assist clients in achieving a balanced and level, yet comfortable, lifestyle during both their pre and post retirement lives. We strive to assist clients with budget goals and expense management during their capital accumulation years in an effort to avoid the forced reduction in lifestyle during the capital depletion (retirement) years. We feel that our job is not to make you rich; it is to keep you from being poor.

Employee Benefit Plans

We currently work with small and medium companies to assist them in understanding and determining the type of plan(s) that they wish to provide to their employees. We want our clients to understand the costs, risks and benefits of each type of plan that they consider. These plans include 401(k), Profit Sharing Plans, Money Purchase Pension Plans, Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plans, Health Insurance, Group Long/Short Term Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and others.

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