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<b>Our Approach</b>

Our Approach

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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<strong>Our History</strong>

Our History

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through life's transitions.

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<strong>Our Values</strong>

Our Values

Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe values matter, and we live by ours.

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<b>Who We Are</b>

Who We Are

Welcome! FIRST FINANCIAL COUNSELORS, INC. (FFC) seeks to provide you with additional resources to assist you with managing your financial future. Please remember that technology and information are only one small part of the service we provide. We have not lost sight of the fact that human contact and personalized service are the most important part of what we do.

FFC is a financial services organization serving the needs of individual and business clients. We truly emphasize the word service; all too often within this industry, a financial services firm is really a financial sales organization. Although sales are necessary to be successful within the industry, it must be preceded and followed by service.

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<b>Discover Hidden Opportunities</b>

Discover Hidden Opportunities

The professionals at First Financial Counselors, Inc. combine experience from several disciplines:Tax, Investment Advice, Estate Planning, Risk Management, Management Consulting and Benefit Plan Design. Combining professionals from the tax discipline along with investment and insurance professionals, we have the ability to address most any financial need that our clients might have.

Our philosophy is that our success in business is a function of the quality of the service we offer our clients. We continue a commitment to serving those who have placed their confidence in us.

We emphasize education. We believe that an informed client is a better client - one that makes financial decisions based on knowledge rather than emotion.

We feel our clients need not take excessive financial risks to accumulate capital. Therefore, we seek prudent investment strategies, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Expertise and professionalism in the selection process is key, and we are free to suggest the most competitive strategies for the desired result.

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<b>Where do you want your financial roadmap to take you?</b>

Where do you want your financial roadmap to take you?

Many people have the false impression that a company researching and counseling on financial matters is consumed by numbers. This is an important function, but more importantly, we are a people business. It has been said, A sign of a person who really knows his subject, is his ability to explain it to someone who does not. We strive to meet this goal in our communication to our clients and friends.

The First Financial Companies derive all new clients through referrals. We do not advertise or conduct seminars. All of our current clients have come to us as referrals from our existing clients. We value the client relationships we have formed over the years and enjoy working with the client base we have established.

We want to emphasize that the one-on-one relationship that allows us to assess your unique financial needs and goals is our top priority.

We hope you find this site useful and look forward to a long, continued relationship.

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